New Developments at Milestone

Two New Developments at Milestone Systems:

1. Metadata Exploitation Mechanism
Centralized Search is a new mechanism added to all Milestone versions. The aim is to utilize the metadata produced by the system (for instance, Bookmark or VMD) in combination with the metadata produced by third party cameras or software, to obtain a central search mechanism for events documented by the system.
For example, searching for movement that has occurred in a specific area of the picture, searching for analytical information of a certain color vehicle, looking for a number using LPR, or the whereabouts of a person identifiable by a yellow shirt, for example, while adding filters for detecting the direction of movement, and more.
The mechanism contains information transmitted by cameras using analytics such as Bosch Axxis, Hanwha Techwin, and many others. The mechanism is, indeed, reflected in the SDK, and any stakeholder can produce the information and search for the criteria he’d like to apply.

2. Support Enhancement for the Devices
Enhancing the support for the ONVIF NVR/DVR system, which includes the option of an almost unlimited quantity of ONVIF cameras (previously limited to 16 cameras) in a single system.