Initiation, Consultation, and Planning

We at K.S.O. believe that the planning is a critical stage in project development. The planning impacts the successful accomplishment of the goals and objectives, as defined by the stakeholders, as well as the success of the project as a whole. Therefore, our team of experts will sit together with you, and help define the goals and requirements clearly and precisely.

Our team of experts will define the objectives and desired end product together with you.


Defining the Objective

Defining the end product, objective, and

understanding the interests of the client.


Consultation and Direction

Establishing the right direction, combined with creative, “out-of-the-box” thinking for implementing the most effective technological solutions to date, for the optimal achievement of the end product.


Characterization and In-Depth Planning

Implementing characterization and in-depth planning, in line with tailor made specifications for the client.


Project Procurement

As required, RFI, RFP, and the writing of a tender to be implemented for the advancement of the project and establishing its objective.

Arrange a preliminary meeting and make headway with your project