An understanding of the client’s interests, combined with sensitivity and service awareness, alongside the ability to address the needs of the client within a short period of time, is what defines our approach.

K.S.O. has been managing complex, technological projects for security, institutional, and private entities since 2015. The company is categorized as a high-security provider (no.11012441). Our services are the result of the accumulation of expertise acquired through the practical execution of complex projects in Israel and abroad, including over 20 years’ proven experience in cross-organizational, multi-system, technology-intensive security projects, accompanied by highly specialized knowledge. We are recognized for our integrated approach to security solutions, uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of the client.



Initiation – Sow

Introductory meeting concluding with a description of service requirements.


Designating the Accompanying Team

Determining the accompanying team and RFI and RFP services, such as: Project manager, systems engineer, supervisor, and IT security consultant.


Project Implementation

 In depth planning and characterization of the project

 Supervision and management

 Surveys- survey of the PDR and CDR plans

 Risk management



Execution of the project according to the agreed-upon milestones. Management and quality assessment of all required stages, risks, budget, and ATP schedule. Testing, assimilation, and delivery.

Arrange a preliminary meeting and make headway with your project